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Our President: M.H. Su, Ph.D

Moving Toward the Eminent University

  Three years ago, I became the President of WuFeng University. By looking the history of the school, I can specially feel that how difficultly of the school management was in the past and how urgency of the school development is in the future. From 1965 to 1981, it was the critical period of the school. In these 16 years, the school put together enough energy to start its infrastructure’s construction.

  In 1981; we began to build our fist magnificent building, for admonition and teaching purpose, the Wen Hong Building. It was completed in four years. In 1985, another building, the Hua Ming Building, it was also built and then was completed in the other four years. Hereafter, from the Student Resident Building, Sheng You Building, the relocation of the School Entrance Door, Hua Ming Building, Business Study Building, the Student Activity Square, the Track Field, and the completion of the Shiu Guang Convention and Athletic Complex, the school had spent 26 years and about 3 billion New Taiwan dollars. The total floor area of the all buildings has reached 140 thousand square meters. From then, school campus truly looked like a University should be. Moreover, from 1991, WuFeng also began to improve the policy for faculty structure. At present, 50% of our faculties are assistant professors, associate professors and professors. This is far beyond the requirement of the Ministry of Education to change school name from “Institute of Technology” to “the University of Science and Technology”. This struggle process could be named as the construction period of the school.

  After 45 years of hard working of the school, WuFeng has already qualified to change its school name from “Institute of Technology” to “the University of Science and Technology”. “Moving Toward the Eminent University” has become the direction and the common goal for all faculties and staffs. It is also the expectation of our society. Let’s work hard together and do what we can do to ensure WuFeng, for sure, will become the WuFeng University of Science and Technology with high quality in every field.

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